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Manual Garlic Puller Mini Garlic Press Garlic Shredder


Product sell points

  • Well-deserved kitchen Garlic Vegetable Cutting Artifact. Vevy Good .
  • Household Manual Garlic Puller,Good kitchen helper. Easily handle the dipping sauce.
  • Convenient and practical Mini Garlic Press . Easy to clean. 
    We also have Electric Garlic Chopper


Manual Garlic Puller

Manual Garlic Puller Mini Garlic Press Garlic Shredder Masher Mashed Garlic Ginger Chili Shredder Garlic Vegetable Cutting Artifact
Material: ABS+PP+PC+ stainless steel
Size: Diameter, 9cm.Height, 7cm.
Style: Modern minimalist
Printed LOGO: Yes
Suitable for gift giving occasions: employee benefits
Uses: minced garlic, ground ginger, fresh chili, minced peanuts, complementary food, minced meat, etc.

Product introduction:

1.No need to use electricity, circulate and chop evenly.
2.The unique inner wall design allows even less ingredients to be chopped evenly.
3.Thickened drawstring, and metal buckle design, more durable.

Product usage process:

1.Put some sliced ginger into the lid of the cup.
2.Cover the cup body and tighten and fix it. Gently pull the handle a few times.
3.You’re done.